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Property Management Fees:
Property Management fees are generally 10% of the total rental income amount but may vary depending on special contract stipulations.  A flat fee of $100.00 will be charged for properties that the rental income is less than $1000.00/ per month.  Discounted rates are negotiable for property management contracts that consist of multiple properties deals. 
For all vacant properties that require tenant placement, the scheduled first months rent will be deducted for all marketing & tenant screening services rendered.  This fee is assessed per 6(six) month contract for all new tenants.  This fee will not be charged if tenant does not decide to renew an existing lease. In the event that an initial 6(six) months lease is breached by a tenant, the owner will not be charged again to find a qualified tenant.
Property Advertisement:
A variety of sources are used to advertise available properties:
a) Rental signs placed in vicinity of property             
b)Company website & Craigslist.com postings                                           
c) Register each property with the Maryland Rental Association
d) Posted Flyers
e) Affiliated with multiple housing agencies
Property Maintenance or Repairs:
In the event that a property is in need of repairs or maintenance, there are several options that can be used to resolve issues.
a) Property Manager will schedule and initially incur all costs and fees associated with the required repairs. An invoice will be provided after completion and then presented to the owner for full reimbursement.
b) A full report will be generated with all necessary repairs that will be presented to property owner. The Owner will then decided if they would like to utilize our team of reliable and trustworthy contractors to perform the necessary repairs or use the maintenance personnel of their choice.  
Service Fees:
There is a $60.00 service charge fee for any service related visits to a property.  This charge will be assessed to cover the initial visit and diagnosis of the reported problem.  There will be a separate labor and materials charge for assessed for any further maintenance performed.
Record Keeping:
A variety of bookkeeping methods are used to cost all property associated cost for both the owner as well as the Property Manager.
Spreadsheets, Receipt books, detailed logs and journals to track all of following:
a) Rental payment history                   
b) Late fees                            
c) Repairs or maintenance
d) Taxes and Insurance                      
e) Tenant screening info           
f) Eviction notifications
 Rent Collection:
Rent is due at the 1st day of each of month. There is a $50.00 late assessed to all tenants that pay rent after the 5th day of the month. All Security deposits for each tenant will be held in an interest bearing business account with Wachovia Bank.
Once rent payments have been collected:
a) Checks will be generated and either mailed to a designated address by the owner.
b) Arrangements can be made to have the check delivered directly to the property owner.
 At no extra charge, mortgage, insurance and tax payments can be scheduled by the Property Manager if requested by the owner.
(Sub-contractor used for service)
In the event that eviction proceedings are required, there is a $225.00 fee. This monetary amount includes all necessary paperwork that is required to be filed, court appearances and the changing of the property locks.
Prior to tenant moving into premise, there is a thorough inspection performed. From there forth, there is a scheduled monthly inspection of the premise to ensure that there are no violations that would constitute a breach of lease agreement.  A final inspection of the property will also be performed when tenants decide to terminate their leases or vacate the property for any reason.  For all REO/foreclosed properties, a monthly inspection can be performed for a standard service fee.
Pressure Washing Services:
 Providing a wide range of services, HAHMS, LLC offers the full capability of pressure washing services.  For the standard service fee of $100.00, a residential driveway can be pressure washed and thoroughly cleaned.  We are also able to pressure wash vinyl siding of residential properties for the $225.00.
Winterizations & De-Winterizations:
Our winterization services include preparing a vacant home for winter conditions, such as shutting off the main water supply, opening faucets to eliminate air locks, draining water supply lines, and adding environmentally safe antifreeze among other things. 
Trash & Debris Removal
We can help you complete clean-outs, trash outs, and foreclosure cleanups with our full service foreclosure junk removal support. Foreclosure clean outs come in all shapes and sizes – rest assured we can remove single items or multiple truck loads and we’ll collect the debris from where its located.
Notary Public
Provide assistance to the public to serve as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.

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