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Property Preservation Services
We offer a full range of property preservation, protection and rehab services that can be customized to fit our clients’ needs. These services meet all local and government guidelines, and help our clients maintain the integrity of their property.
Each  property  is reviewed very carefully including all interior and exterior structures, electrical, plumbing, heating and well systems, as well as visible issues with the foundation. Once our inspections are complete, the client is provided a comprehensive report. This report is completed by the property preservation foreman and provides our customer with the following information:
• Overall condition of the interior and exterior of the property
• List of appliances which remain or have been removed
• Damages: fire, flood, freeze, roof, vandalism, etc.
• Condition of plumbing and type of winterization performed
• Securing information, including type of securing performed and key codes
• Any adverse conditions found at a property
Here is a list of services we provide:
• Debris Removal
• Initial Securing and Lock Changes
• Lawn Maintenance
• Repairs and Restoration
• Restoring Utilities
• Snow Removal
• Window Boarding
• Winterization & De-winterization
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